Strategic energy management can reduce your hotel’s utility costs by 30-70% while enhancing guest comfort. For a major hotel, reducing energy costs by over 45% will often translate into millions of dollars in utility savings every year.

Built in British Columbia in 1887, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is one of North America’s premier lodging establishments. This venerable old lady dispels the myth that building new is “greener” than investing in energy efficiency measures in an existing building… especially after the resulting annual savings is over $1 million on energy costs.

With 20 stories and over 550 rooms, the historic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver implemented lighting, HVAC, and energy management solutions. In fact, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver was one of the first hotels in Western Canada to incorporate an occupancy sensor, door switch system that adjusts the room temperature accordingly to guest occupancy. They also focused on operations and maintenance, waste reduction and water conservation.

Saving over $1 million a year is about installing and implementing energy efficient technology. However, what many fail to realize is that this level of energy efficiency is also directly tied to operations and maintenance.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s participation in the Green Partnership Program has initiated in the highest possible standards of environmental responsibility among employees. In fact the National Geographic Traveler refers to the Program as “the most comprehensive environmental program in North American hotel industry”.

Today’s hospitality industry is extremely competitive. If your energy projects are not cutting your utility bills by at least 25-30 percent, you need to redesign your plan. In addition, your plan should START with NO-COST and LOW-COST energy efficient measures.

GreenPro Systems begins with NO-COST and LOW-COST energy efficiency measures. We then provide proven technologies that reduce your hotel’s cost of doing business. But, we also understand that operations and maintenance is fundamental to your annual savings.

The success of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s energy efficient investments was about the “small steps” of operations and maintenance dovetailed into the execution of energy efficient technology. Call GreenPro now at 530-550-8030 to find out how your hotel can save on utility, maintenance, and overall operational costs.